Hill Management continues to monitor the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and follow industry-specific task force guidance for preparing commercial buildings for the safety and return of office tenants, building personnel, visitors, contractors and others.

We stay on top of federal, state and local mandates and recommendations as well as guidelines from the CDC and other regulatory and public health agencies and are making modifications as needed and as additional information becomes available.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How do I contact Hill Management Services?

Hill Management Services offices are open during normal business hours and our property managers and leasing representatives are available to assist in answering any of your concerns or questions. As always, you can make service requests online via Workspeed as well as submitting rent payments via Tenant Connect.


  1. Does Hill Management have a pandemic plan in place?

Hill Management has activated new procedures as part of our emergency preparedness plan to implement strategies to protect our tenants and workforce while ensuring continuity of operations.  Our decisions are informed by the information provided by federal, state, or local government agencies, including the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO).


  1. What is Hill Management Services doing to limit the spread of COVID-19 in my building?

The wellbeing of Hill Management Services’ tenants and employees is our main priority.  All full-service buildings have implemented increased disinfecting measures, using EPA approved disinfectants, with additional attention to all high touch areas.  All on-site food service providers have added barriers between registers and customers in addition to lines on the floor to encourage social distancing.  All property managers, maintenance personnel, janitorial, and porter staff are required to wear PPE (masks and/or cloth coverings) at all times while on the property and have been trained on the proper use, handling, and disposal of face masks.


  1. Will Hill Management notify tenants if any building occupants have tested positive for COVID-19?

Building management is staying in close contact with local public health officials and monitoring the latest guidance from the CDC.  If it is suspected you have contracted the virus or if you have a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, please notify us immediately and quarantine yourself per CDC guidelines.  While maintaining confidentiality requirements, we will notify you if any occupant or visitor to the building tests positive and take steps to facilitate any necessary enhanced cleaning procedures at that time.


  1. How will the building ensure that its contractors and vendors who deliver supplies and work in the building are implementing appropriate disease control measures?

While the building is open, building management will continue to provide critical services, such as security, janitorial, engineering and access control.  We have asked vendor companies about their disease management protocols and ability to provide services in the event of a personnel shortage.  We have ensured that adequate supplies are on-hand to support building operations, and back-up suppliers have been identified and contacted for the availability of supplemental services as needed.


  1. Will building operations be impacted?

Our team is committed to keeping the building fully operational for our tenants at this time, as our staff has been deemed essential personnel by our jurisdiction. Building operations have been adjusted to ensure that they are consistent with the latest public health regulations.  We continue to encourage tenants and building staff to stay home when sick.  All shared facilities, including conference rooms are compliant with increased spacing between furniture and/or reduced seating to promote and support social distancing.


  1. How will Hill Management Services stay in touch with me?

All pertinent information involving our properties will be communicated via Workspeed, our maintenance request and tenant communication portal.



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