These instructions are intended for use by building occupants (i.e., tenants, office personnel, corporate employees, etc.) that will be using Landport to submit requests for repair and maintenance at the locations where they reside. For emergencies please contact your property manager immediately by telephone. For all other non-emergency maintenance requests please follow the simple instructions below for our online Landport System. 

If you do not remember your login information, or need to request login information, please contact Deborah Shelton for assistance at 410-561-1300 or by email

To log in to Landport click here

How to create a new request for service

  1. Click “Create Request” link
  2. Select location where service is needed (building/suite)
  3. Using drop-down selectors, select service needed and urgency level
  4. Type a brief description of the problem or service that is needed
  5. Press “Submit Service Request” button
  6. Click “Home” link to return to the top page to review the list of open requests

How to view new comments and add comments to an existing work order

  1. Work orders with new comments have the “New” icon next to the incident number
  2. To view new comments, click the incident number link in the first column and scroll down to see the new comments highlighted in pink at the bottom of the incident log
  3. To respond, scroll further down and type into the Comments text entry box
  4. Press “Submit Comments” button.

How to attach pictures to Maintenance Requests

  1. Repeat all steps under "How to create a new request for service"
  2. On the home page click on the "request number" of the work order that you would like to add pictures to
  3. Click "Attached File" located on the bottom right area of the work order
  4. Type a brief description in the "Description" box
  5. Click "Browse' to locate the file/picture you wish to attach (*the file type must be a jpeg or gif and the file name cannot
    contain any special characters i.e., periods, dashes, etc – please rename the file to only include a word
  6. Upload your file
  7. If you would like to add additional pictures please repeat steps 3 through 6.